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Thank you for dropping by to Purely Jewellery. We have been on the internet quite a long time but have decided that instead of having almost a dozen websites devoted to beautiful jewellery, we'd have 4 larger sites that would enable us to have a wider range of pieces from more designer ranges and improving the ease of browsing for everyone looking for stylish fashion items. With this in mind, take a look at the sites below and feel free to go to the larger sites and I hope you like what you see.

Also, something we have done very recently is create a couple of new sites. One of the sites is to provide information on jewellery - giving details and things of interest (hopefully you'll find this so!). The site is Toto jewellery - take a look and let us know what you think. The second new site is called All 4 Jewellery and what we have done is collected some of the special deals that we are able to offer and keep them in one place. Cheap jewellery is here which is always handy.

Another all time favourite is going to be showcased on a new site that is now running - children's jewellery from Hello Mia! As you can guess...it's a jewellery site that is all for children. Sure, we have a kids site already but this one is different...take a look and see what you think. As always - suggestions are always welcome!

Milton Gems

Milton Gems

Our mother site, Milton Gems is dedicated to jewellery for all from women, to men and also boys and girls.

Mainly sterling silver, we also have some gold and white gold pieces in the Christening jewellery collection and we have a growing selection of silver plated jewellery and stainless steel.

Some of the designer ranges we have on the site include Kit Heath, Heritage Celtic, Fred Bennett and for the children D for Diamonds. We are currently in talks with plans on adding new ranges so keep an eye open for even more styles to be available.

Click here and see all our jewellery at Milton Gems.

Shop 4 Silver

Shop 4 Silver

We have good relations with our jewellery suppliers and we often are given big discounts on their jewellery and when we do, we put them on Shop 4 Silver and share the savings!

A lot of the items are heavily discounted - some items are upto 50% but once they're sold, they disappear from the site so if you see something you love...buy it there and then to avoid disappointment!

Get a bargain at Shop 4 Silver.

Children's jewellery shop

Children's Jewellery Shop

Why should adults have all the best jewellery? Well, they don't at Children's Jewellery Shop because there is a range of gorgeous silver, gold and white gold pieces that will delight any girl or boy.

Whether it's a gift just for being good or a birthday present or even a gift for a Christening, you will be sure to love the range of earrings, bangles, bracelets and necklaces that are online here. Some of the more popular pieces are friendship bracelets - an ideal present for one child to give to another and is sure to cement a friendship.

If you are looking to give a cherished child a beautiful piece of jewellery then look no further than Children's jewellery shop.

Amber Zone

The Amber Zone

Our smallest site but one that people come back to again and again because the amber jewellery that we have in the range is gorgeous and the amber itself is top notch. With an almost warmth that comes from this natural gemstone, amber is often said to be a favourite because no two pieces are exactly the same.

Different colours are available - the more classic is cognac (amber) but also green, cherry (red) and a milky coloured amber are listed on the site. People often buy the same piece of silver jewellery with different coloured pieces of amber so they can compliment other outfits.

Have a look at what people love at the Amber Zone.

Down at the bottom of this page is where we will be putting tips and info that you might find of use. For example, a popular item is our silver necklace extender which is a great help if you're finding that some of your necklaces aren't quite the right length - just slip on the extender and you instantly have a necklace that is almost 3 inches longer. Handy!